Chris & Rachel: Downtown Greenville engagement session

When I first started talking to Chris and Rachel about their wedding, I knew I wanted them to book me. I'm in the wedding business because I believe in marriage, and I love meeting couples whose dreams for their marriage are even more beautiful than their vision for their wedding day. That's this couple. 

Every time I asked them a question, Chris would always respond, "I just want Rachel to have a really great experience." It was obvious how much he loves her, so I couldn't wait to hear about how he knew he wanted to marry her.

"I wouldn't say there was a single moment.  It was just something that unraveled over the course of a little while.  Having been married already and being a bit nervous to jump back into it I relied heavily on the community I've surrounded myself with.  I knew Rach was the one because of what an genuinely great and loving person she is and because of how well she loves my son."

Rachel looked at Chris their entire session with complete joy all over her face. It was so clear that she admires him as a person and not just as the man she loves, so I had to know--what does she admire most about the man she plans to marry in just a few short months?

"He's humble. I always swore to myself that I wouldn't stay with a proud man. I think Chris is so incredibly humble about his mistakes and even his strengths.  He puts the people he loves in his life first. It creates a trust in him to make decisions for me and my family well."

I also wanted to know how Rachel knew she wanted to marry Chris. Watching them together made perfect sense--they're one of those couples you see interact and you just know, these two are right together. This is my favorite part of getting to know my couples.

 "I don't know if it was one moment or a series of moment where I remember making the conscious decision to move forward. I remember the night he told me he had a son. We were actually at the blind horse (yeah... Funny) and he told me his story about his failed marriage and that he had a son. I remember excusing myself and going to the Bathroom and just standing there staring in the mirror and being like... You need to decide RIGHT NOW if you are gonna let this keep moving forward. I think at that moment I realized that there was something so priceless and special about Chris... And knowing that he had a son almost made him more attractive to me. There were other moments too... Like the moment I was sitting on his couch and he had just come back from putting Caelan to bed... He wrapped me in his arms and said... "It means so much to me that Caelan likes you so much... I love you."

What are they each looking forward to the most about marriage?

"The adventure that comes with doing life together - Rachel is pretty level-headed and always adds good perspective to my ups and downs."
"Living together! Seems so odd, but to not have to go home every night. Be able to cook for him after work, and yeah... Just be two people doing life together :)"

Congratulations, Rachel and Chris! I can't wait to celebrate the start of your marriage with you in September!