Captured goes Coastal

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you've already heard the news...I'm moving!

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Husband and I have been dreaming about a coastal move since we got married 2.5 years ago. We were preparing for it to happen this fall/winter, but you know how plans don't always work the way we expect? Well, it's happening June 3rd instead. Sometimes jobs, housing, and dreams all come together perfectly sooner than anticipated.

Here's how it went down: A few weeks ago (literally three weeks ago) Drew texted me while I was at my day job that he wanted to apply for some jobs he saw posted in Beaufort and Hilton Head. That Friday & Saturday he filled out some applications. On the following Monday, he started getting calls for interviews. LAST WEEK we went down to Beaufort for him to interview and for us to look into some housing options just in case he felt like one of those jobs was perfect for him. He did feel like one of the jobs was just right. And we found an apartment that felt just right (I know, I sound a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears right now). We applied for this beautiful apartment, instantly got approved, and he accepted one of the job offers.

We waited six days after making everything official to publicly announce it because we had several people we wanted to tell either in person or on the phone before sharing it publicly, but were kind of dying inside not sharing. I spent all weekend packing and getting rid of a ton of stuff because our house now is 1400 square feet and we are moving into roughly 900 square feet, and let me tell you, NOT Instagramming that mess was hard because I really wanted someone to commiserate with over how much this part of moving stinks.

About the "Kapua Suite Packing Guide" above. 1. We've moved four times in the last three years so I've gotten a system DOWN. Color coding boxes makes loading/unloading way easier. Trust me. 2. We named our apartment the Kapua Suite because we had just watched Forgetting Sarah Marshal for approximately the 200th time and when Jason Segel announces to Kristen Bell & Russell Brand he's staying in the Kapua Suite with a dramatic hand gesture, we die laughing. Our apartment is on the top floor of our building and is super cool with a loft area, so it seemed fitting to name our new home after this scene. If anyone knows a good place to get a "Welcome to the Kapua Suite" sign made for our front door, hit me up.

Betcha didn't know I'm really bad at cell phone selfies, did ya? I can take YOUR pictures very own, not so much.

Betcha didn't know I'm really bad at cell phone selfies, did ya? I can take YOUR pictures very own, not so much.

What does all this mean for Captured? Honestly, not too much. I shoot all over the place, so I'm still taking clients here in the Upstate, or anywhere for that matter. My office is just going to be a little cooler because it will be in a very pretty loft instead of shared with a guest room in my house, and I'll be shooting at the beach more frequently. For obvious reasons, I can no longer take birth clients in the Upstate (you do not want your birth photographer driving four hours while you're in labor and have very little control over how quickly your baby pops out), but weddings, engagements, portraits I'm still booking here!  #willtravelforprettyphotos

We are so excited to make this move and be making our dream come true. I can't wait to show you bits and pieces of our new home in just a few short weeks!