The Journey by Ally: Community over Competition

As many of you know, I am a local leader of a chapter of the Rising Tide Society. Our motto is #communityovercompetition, and since our foundation as a chapter in January, I have seen that embodied through so many creatives in the Upstate.

Ally ( The Journey by Ally) and I met a few months ago at one of the meetings, and clicked right away. She's an incredible photographer and overall human (she homeschools three kids and runs a business, so basically I think she's a rockstar). When she asked me to do her headshots, I was thrilled! We had a great time on Saturday morning playing with cameras, trying to pose ourselves because Photographer Syndrome is real and we don't know how to take our own photos no matter how good we are at taking yours. 

Ally has been the type of friend every creative, and person in general, needs to have. Last month I was in the process of a MASSIVE gear upgrade. Camera bodies, lenses, hard was intense. I purchased a camera body that came to me defective, and when the company I bought from refused to give me a rental for a wedding I was shooting in spite of their mistake, Ally immediately offered me one of hers, no hesitation. In the middle of a big fat business nightmare for me, she was kind and willing to drop everything to help, and I know in business it's rare to find that kind of support from someone who technically is your business competition.

This is why the Rising Tide Society is so great. I have made some amazing friends and grown as a photographer and business owner beyond measure since leading our group. I love these people and I love our mission. Now check out some pretty pictures of my beautiful incredible friend.