Kaitlin Beckwith is a wedding photographer in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Beaufort wedding photographer

I’m Kaitlin Beckwith, lover of my son, my dog (let’s be honest, it’s actually all dogs and I have brought multiple strays home on multiple occasions), Harry Potter, and love stories. I am pretty certain I have the best husband, Drew, on earth, and because of him I am a better version of myself and am forced to have enough self control not to spend all of our money on camera gear every day of our lives. I have a hidden talent of being able to carry on full conversations entirely in Will Ferrel quotes, and when I am not annoying my family with this special skill I’m probably baking in the kitchen or photographing couples in love.

I began this work with a background in studio art, figure drawing and painting to be precise, and a beginner DSLR. I slowly began to realize that my days with a brush and canvas or pastels and 80lb paper were numbered, because I had finally found the medium that I was made to create in. Over the years I developed my craft and my vision as an artist in the wedding photography world and fell more and more in love with my work. Now, I have been featured on several blogs, documented weddings in amazing locations, including plantations, beaches, and even cruise ships, and bore witness to countless love stories.

Serving couples through candid, creative, and joyful photography is my ultimate passion. Whether it's throughout your engagement or wedding, or years down the road in an Adored Experience, I strive to get to know who you truly are and capture your spirit perfectly with my lens. It is my mission to make you feel beautiful, valued, and seen through every step of the process, from initial consultation through final gallery and print delivery. Your unique love story is always my inspiration and I am so thrilled to spend my life documenting so many couples in love.